Ergon Mykonos

‘ergon Mykonos is an evolutionary Greek brand that combines the ancient Greek heritage along with every -day life to design each collection. Born from the wanderings of the creative mind of Marietta Karpathiou, it offers collections of luxury sustainable wear that fuse timeless Greek elegance with the contemporary aesthetic of free spirited travelers. Perennially innovative, stylized, and with a fresh outlook on all its collections, ‘ergon Mykonos collaborates with Greek artisans keeping production locally with an open supply chain. If not the only one, ‘ergon Mykonos is one of the few Greek brands that create exclusively its own fabrics, featuring natural material, forgotten techniques in the textile industry, unique aesthetics and eclecticism in quality. The creative team of ‘ergon Mykonos believes in the revival of traditional practices and techniques in the textile industry with new ideas on creation based on modern time needs.

‘ergon Mykonos designs a parallel collection of memorabilia and casual wear called Tribute to the idol. Adopting the cycladic figurine as their plain canvas they turned it into modern pop idol figures. David Bowie, the English creator and singer, whom Marietta admired and followed from her childhood years gave birth to the first idol. What makes David Bowie an absolute idol is that his personality knew no boundaries. His music and outfits and his tendency to create and embody other personalities, became almost a natural evolution of the metamorphosis. He was the forefather of androgynous style and his impact in fashion is apparent up to these days. The dialogue of everyday life with the past and the current myth is what makes the idols series so successful. The rigid and inexpressible form of Cycladic idols takes on flesh and blood, commenting with space-time continuity on the absolute marriage of past and present. The tribute to the idol collection is definitely a comment in reality that we live in designed exclusively with the unique look of the ‘ergon Mykonos’ stylistic team.