Ode to Socks

About Ode to Socks

Hello friend,

We are ODE, a small brand from Athens, Greece.
We love socks but we make clothes and bags as well.
Our main material is high quality Greek cotton and every piece of our collection has it’s own story.
Our heroes are symbolic characters that express ecumenical, global meanings and ideas about life, love and humanity.
Our values are to create high quality products that we love, to be fair with every person has an input in the making of “Ode to Socks” items, to always be working towards a positive environmental impact and at the end, to give you back all the love we take.
Ode to socks.
Ode to all these small things that are pretty enough to make us happy.
(Like a pair of socks.)

Always yours,

Monday – Wednesday – Saturday11:0018:00
Tuesday – Thursday- Friday11:0020:00


Ζoodochou Pigis 43 , 10681