Ode to Socks Heroes


Hi, I’m a woman in love. I’m in love with the fisherman and sometimes I’m in love with Bizoo the dog. I love everyday the good I see in people and myself sometimes too. But the truth is, most times I’m in love with the walnut tree for its shade every summer and I wanna fall in love with you, too.


I have no name and I’m from no country. I’m citizen of the world and I feel free. I’my happy you came in my way, friend.


“Άλλο το χώμα που πονώ κι άλλο καλημερίζω”

from the book “Άλλο το χώμα” of ¨greek poet Mitsos Vlasopoulos


When i was a child I was dreaming that I was a dancer. Beautiful, lissome and strong. Sometimes, I still see the same dreams.”

Pappa's girl

One day I remember, someone asked me what does true love means.

“True love is to sacrifice”, I said. Then, the same person asked me what happiness is for me and I said “you feel happiness when you love someone”. So the last question was if I am happy.

I left.


I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living. I’m half human and half animal. Real life mermaid. I’m so happy to meet you.

Tsolias (Evzone)

I love my country

I respect my history

But between flags and humanity

I will always choose humanity.

Ιllustrations by Mina Geraskli