Ode to Socks Heroes


Hi, I’m a woman in love. I’m in love with the fisherman and sometimes I’m in love with Bizoo the dog. I love everyday the good I see in people and myself sometimes too. But the truth is, most times I’m in love with the walnut tree for its shade every summer and I wanna fall in love with you, too.


I have no name and I’m from no country. I’m citizen of the world and I feel free. I’my happy you came in my way, friend.


“Άλλο το χώμα που πονώ κι άλλο καλημερίζω”

from the book “Άλλο το χώμα” of ¨greek poet Mitsos Vlasopoulos


When i was a child I was dreaming that I was a dancer. Beautiful, lissome and strong. Sometimes, I still see the same dreams.”

Pappa's girl

One day I remember, someone asked me what does true love means.

“True love is to sacrifice”, I said. Then, the same person asked me what happiness is for me and I said “you feel happiness when you love someone”. So the last question was if I am happy.

I left.


I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living. I’m half human and half animal. Real life mermaid. I’m so happy to meet you.

Tsolias (Evzone)

I love my country

I respect my history

But between flags and humanity

I will always choose humanity.



Someday you will be singing
with a heart full of love.

You will sing about troubles
You will sing about women
You will sing about prisoner men
You will sing about friends
You will sing about refugees
You will sing about light
You will sing about dark.

Just don’t ever stop singing
that song in your heart.

Ιllustrations by Mina Geraskli