Gospel was born in Karditsa, Greece in 1990, where he began his career in graffiti. His passion for drawing started when he was a young boy and from then he has never stopped. During his prime years, he partici-pated in many graffiti events across Greece and he has had a remarkable career in graffi-ti bombing leaving his mark among the cities of Greece. He studied painting and illustra-tion at the School of Applied Arts of Spyros Ornerakis. The last years he created a mini-mal style based on capturing scenes of urban culture and social issues. Ηe’s using pure forms of colours and works mostly with spray cans. The palettes of his compositions are mainly influenced by the Athenian urban landscape and the Greek islands. Also he has made collaborations with big brands like Adidas, Dkny etc. He lives and works in Athens as a muralist and illustrator.